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Life according to Sherrie...

I spent the first part of 2011 developing and launching the University of Texas at San Antonio's International Gateway. It is now live, and I'm quite busy developing and updating content for the site.

This year has not been all work: Greg and I had a wonderful vacation hiking through the Bahamas and Key West. You can see a few of the images in the photo slideshow on the right side of this page.

Gardening has been a challenge. The Texas drought has been quite brutal. I've spent most of the year trying to keep our large bushes and trees alive. We have been getting more rain recently; I'm hopeful that the parched plants will recover.

I seem to have become a guru on proofreading; I once again presented on a panel at the American Copy Editors Society on how to proof and what to look for when proofing.

This year has been quite busy. I seem to have two full-time jobs, one as CEO Mom. The Mom Mobile can be seen in car line and at soccer games.