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A year in the life...

It has been an exciting year for me. I started the year with a fun cruise with Sherrie in the Caribbean, something we've been meaning to do for several years. (It had been five years since our first cruise!) And we also got to take a family trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul and Chicago this summer. I always enjoy getting to see my childhood stomping grounds!

It was a good year professionally, as well. My colleagues and I at won the Edward R. Murrow Award for best website in the Texas/Oklahoma region for 2011. Also, I contributed to's second-straight Lone Star Emmy Award for Interactivity. It has been so nice to get the industry recognition for the hard work we all do on our website.

I've also enjoyed spending time coaching Caelan and Caroline in soccer and basketball this year, and Caelan and I spend time doing Cub Scouts activities, too.

Here's something new I'm testing: A Twitter stamp showing my last status update: